As a work at home Mom, I have a lot on my plate every single day and my occasional amnesia does not help so what I do, I make a list of everything I need to accomplish within the day, week or even to a not so near future. I found out that writing down things that I need to get done makes me remember them more and in moments when I don’t, I have something to remind me and keep me back on track.

To do list

I always bring with me a notebook (and by the way, I can finish 3-5 notebooks in a year) where I take down random thoughts, ideas, comments and possible blog posts. Then my to-do list goes on a smaller sheet of paper which I like to insert on the notebook. Why I don’t just write on my trusty notebook, I really don’t have an idea. I just feel like a scratch paper works

Don’t you find it fulfilling to be able to cross out things on your to do list? It’s a major accomplishment for me 😀

I even keep a list of things to buy for myself, my husband and daughter. It does not need to be bought as soon as possible but a reminder that we do have those wants or needs and then when I’m able to cross out something, it feels awesome!

How about you how do you keep tabs of the million things you need to do (or memorize) in a day?