>Getting to know:

What do you do for a living?
I currently don’t have a job. I just graduated.

Would you still be doing whatever you do after 5 years?
No, because I plan to be employed soon.

Do you still live with your parents? IF so, why? (Please do not give the “because it’s from our culture” answer)

On women:

Do you see chubby women as sexy? Or you only typecast sexiness with 32-24-32?
No. And I don’t typecast sexiness with 32-24-32.

Would you go out with someone who earns more than you do? Explain.
Yes, I would go out with someone as long as we’re both attracted to each other.

How many girlfriends have you had?
Just one.

Why do you think men cheat on their girlfriends?
I think it’s because you are curious to find out how other women are like.
Or because having more girlfriends makes you better than other men. But of course there are those who don’t cheat.

Why do you think men cheat on their wives?
There are some men who are faithful, while there are some who aren’t.
Men cheat for various reasons. One reason is if they are careful, they won’t get caught. It’s not like there’s definitive proof that you cheated.
What I mean is men don’t get pregnant. Another reason is they are angry, upset or hate their wife
and they want to make their wife jealous so that she realizes his value or he wants her to suffer
or to get even with her because she made him angry or unhappy.

Do you think most women exaggerate and are drama queens?
Not all women are drama queens. But most women are.
They lose a sense of security when they find out. I think it’s valid when she exagerates because she has shared herself
with the man and expects the same.

Is there a unique question you wanted to ask us women?
How can I let you know that I want you without any hint of you being offended?

Do you compare your current flame to your previous ones?
Yes, but I keep the comparison to myself.

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