What is your opinion on same sex marriage?

My opinion is if someone wants to have a same-sex marriage, just keep it to themselves.
I think they are allowed to have that, because it’s their lives after all.
But don’t mess with other people’s lives who don’t like same-sex marriage by encroaching on their peace of not hearing about how same-sex should be

Do you think it (same sex marriage) should be legalized in our country?

I think yes, because if they want to, it’s their lives, not mine.
Let them do whatever they want with their own lives, because we only get one life to live. So let them live it the way they choose.
But don’t mess up other people’s lives, and a specific example would be,
don’t adopt a child and then bring them up and make them think that it’s normal to have a same-sex relationship.

In your opinion, out of 10 men how many are straight?


For single men:

Why are you still a bachelor?


Are you looking for someone now?


Just a thought

What are you afraid of?

I’m afraid of getting caught.

Do big boys cry? What about the saying: Big Boys Don’t Cry?

Yes, when no one can find out.

Do you believe in destiny? Explain.

If something really good happened to you, then I can attribute that to destiny.
But if you’re waiting for something to happen because you think it’s destined for it to happen to you, then no, I don’t believe in destiny in that sense.

Would you marry someone who’s from a different religion?

It depends on what kind of religion. If it’s similar to my religion, then yes.
But if it’s totally different from my religion, no.
Why would I marry someone with a totally different religion when there are people with the similar religion as me who are available?
And if I marry someone of a totally diferent religion, then I just basically took one out from their pool of candidates for marriage.
I think other people would also want to marry people of their same religion, so that means I don’t want to lessen their chances of marrying their own.

Do you watch telenovelas and koreanovelas?

No, I don’t.

What are your vices?

I have no vices.

Do you think you are goodlooking?

Yes, but I just keep that to myself. This question just happened to ask if I think I’m good looking.
But otherwise, I don’t deal with people thinking that they must be thinking I’m so handsome.


What’s your message to anyone who reads this?

My opinions change. Sometimes, after reading and hearing the opinions of others,
I am influenced and would probably change answers to some of the questions. So I encourage you to answer these too.