Getting to know:

What do you do for a living?


Would you still be doing whatever you do after 5 years?

I will

Do you still live with your parents? IF so, why? (Please do not give the “because it’s from our culture” answer)

Yes, because I’m still a minor

On women:

Do you see chubby women as sexy? Or you only typecast sexiness with 32-24-32?

As long as a woman can bring herself in a way that she isn’t afraid of what she has, she’s sexy for me

Would you go out with someone who earns more than you do? Explain.

I am and I would still continue to do so. Not to take advantage of her but it always fascinates me that women who earn more than me sort of “like” the things that I am around. I.E. they’d rather shop in st. francis square even if they can easily shop at podium or they’d get excited commuting and telling and showing me that they’re sick of their drivers.

How many girlfriends have you had?

Serious? None. Flings? 7

Why do you think men cheat on their girlfriends?

Because Men like to show off to others how “manly” they are. In the sense that they aren’t afraid of what could happen and it has become a “cool” thing if men have lots of girlfriends

Why do you think men cheat on their wives?

Because they might have hot maids or secretaries or maybe the man spends so much time out of their home that he ends up cheating

Do you think most women exaggerate and are drama queens?

Nope, I’ve realized that those who do that are poor, literally. Not to be rude but..it’s what I’ve noticed…

Is there a unique question you wanted to ask us, women?

Do you dream of raping us, men?

Do you compare your current flame to your previous ones?


Part 2 to follow…