What is your opinion on same sex marriage?
> As long as both same sex lovers feel secured through “Marriage” then so be it. I’m not against but I don’t endorse it as well.

Do you think it (same sex marriage) should be legalized in our country?
> I don’t think it would help a lot since a lot of filipino couple nowadays are living under one roof w/o even getting married (Live-in).

In your opinion, out of 10 men how many are straight?
> 8?

For married men:

Why did you choose to marry your wife? Any regrets?
> Because I know i’m happy with her for the rest of my life. Maybe the fact that i’m a married man which would lessen my “freedom” bachelors still enjoy.

Just a thought

What are you afraid of?
> Failure

Do big boys cry? What about the saying: Big Boys Don’t Cry?
> This is a cliche to me and from what this word tries to imply the answer would be “No”. About the saying. Its just that those big boys “Ego” and “Pride” that would not made them not to cry and that’s why there is another saying that “…thats what separates men from the boys”.

Do you believe in destiny? Explain.
> Yes and No. There are some things in life that we can control and there are some that we can’t. Example of a destiny that can be controlled is becoming a scientist. An example of a destiny that we can’t control is death.

Would you marry someone who’s from a different religion?
> Yes i’m actually married to a woman whose religion differs from me.

Do you watch telenovelas and koreanovelas?
> If i’m in the mood.

What are your vices?
> Computers. Music. Sleep. Gaming.

Do you think you are goodlooking?
> I think so someone married me haha!


What’s your message to anyone who reads this?
Thank you for allowing me express my thoughts on these topics ^_^