>Today he’s 26 =_+

Is there a unique question you wanted to ask us, women?
– Since we’re living in a world of equality, can’t you women do some of the initiatives that we men are most likely to oblige? (e.g. giving of affection, asking out on a date, etc)

Do you compare your current flame to your previous ones?
– According to Sigmund Freud, all people are the same in some varying degrees, but nevertheless, each person is incomparable. Flames are people as well, not appliances that you could upgrade or replace to when the previous one is broken.


What is your opinion on same sex marriage?
– interesting but pointless. A man can’t hardly keep up a divorce or annulment with a woman and now we have men with men and ladies with ladies trying to be together.

Do you think it (same sex marriage) should be legalized in our country?
– I think it should, to help the swelling population growth. Less people who would likely get pregnant irregardless of age and more people adopting homeless kids.

In your opinion, out of 10 men how many are straight?
– 9 men are straight, 1 is gay (and tends to be the most good looking, right ladies? Hehe)

For married men:

Why did you choose to marry your wife? Any regrets?
-Because I could see myself still with her even after 50 years from now. My only regret was, I wish I’ve met her earlier than we did.

Just a thought

What are you afraid of?
– Dying (who doesn’t?)

Do big boys cry? What about the saying: Big Boys Don’t Cry?
– real boys do cry, coward egoistic boys don’t. Big boys don’t cry? They do, and that’s the point where they become real men.

Do you believe in destiny? Explain.
Yes I do. What is the probability that you we’re born out of the 45 million plus sperms swimming thru the birth canal? What is the probability of being born in a specific location within a billion square miles? I believe there is a reason for being at the right place at the right time.

Would you marry someone who’s from a different religion?
Yes, that would make the family more interesting.

Do you watch telenovelas and koreanovelas?
Once, (meteor garden) and that was the last

What are your vices?
– smoking and playing incredulously on the computer

Do you think you are goodlooking?
– Nope, I don’t want to frustrate myself.


What’s your message to anyone who reads this?
– A new year is just around the corner. We get to live another year in our life here on earth. But at the end of each day, do we ask ourselves what have we learned from all the things that we encountered? I don’t. Bottom line is, we learn from each other’s experiences and from our own to be a better person tomorrow and maybe someday mankind will have a solution to all the problems. I do hope that you learned and know a lot more about me and I do hope that all the people around will have an enormous impact in your life.

How cute is he?