>Because it’s my husband’s birthday today….

Getting to know:

What do you do for a living?

-I’m a call center agent.

Would you still be doing whatever you do after 5 years?

-No. As most call center agent would wish, I would want to work in a call center but I don’t want to take in calls anymore, especially after 5 years.

Do you still live with your parents? IF so, why? (Please do not give the “because it’s from our culture” answer)

-“semi” live with them. Very complicated hahaha they’re just one floor up

On women:

Do you see chubby women as sexy? Or you only typecast sexiness with 32-24-32?

– I don’t categorize sexiness of a woman by their vital statistics nor their proportion but I base it on how they carry themselves with what they wear and what their outlook in life is.

Would you go out with someone who earns more than you do? Explain.

– I don’t mind going out with someone earning more than what I do. I don’t have that macho ego that I need to be earning more. Chances are, if it already mattered on your first date, it would be more if you got married in the future.

How many girlfriends have you had?

– Dunno, three I guess…who’s counting anyway hehehe

Why do you think men cheat on their girlfriends?

– Either to feel more macho, fill their ego, not satisfied with their current girlfriend and does not have the guts to break up with her, self centered or all of the above.

Why do you think men cheat on their wives?

– funny I read a thread like this on AOL news. It was said that, one of the reasons why men cheat is to fill up their need of attention, caring and love. According to some survey, the woman they choose is less likely more attractive (contrasting words? Hehe) than their wives and less likely appealing in bed. Most regret making out with them but are also unable to do it with their wives. But to defend the men; Women are more polygamous in nature (since when they cheat, they include the feeling of love), and men are polygamous by choice (because they could choose not to and they could do it without any feelings at all)

Do you think most women exaggerate and are drama queens?

– Nope. I never thought of that…(because I’ve met men who exaggerates and are drama kings as well)

More to follow…