With the things that has happened lately, I give to you contact numbers that you should keep in handy in case something happens. 

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Only

Dial 1-1-7 or TEXT-SMS PATROL EYE or SMS: Type PNP then send to 2920

For Highway Robbery & Other Motor Vehicle related crimes
Dial (632) 722-4068 / (632) 725-1133 local 4359 PNP Task Force Limbas/ Anti Carnapping

For Complaints Referrals Action Center
Dial (632) 722-0650 local 3453/3473

For Non-Emergency Police Response
Dial (632) 722-0650 4252 PNP Police Community Relations Group

For Organized Crime & Kidnapping with Ransom
Dial (632) 725-2147 Local 4371 PACER

For Most Wanted / Missing or Unidentified Person
Dial (632) 726-1575 Criminal Investigation & Detection Group

For Motor Vehicle Related Transactions
Dial (632) 724-8869 Traffic Management Group

For Police Services Complaints or Complaints about a Police Officer
Dial (632) 899-7504 Internal Affairs Service

Be safe everyone! And hope these Manila emergency contact numbers are of help.