>Since Monday, I’ve been reading bashing and trashing of our local policemen due to the bungled hostage rescue. In my honest opinion, those policemen are also victims of a corrupt system which resulted to lack of hostage crisis training, lack of equipments and so on. It isn’t their fault that they went there unprepared. Blame it on those policemen’s bosses who allowed such things to happen.

Those policemen risked their lives to save the hostages in a way they know best when their bosses were sitting pretty, prolly watching the drama unfold.

So please, I am appealing to everyone. No one wanted that to happen, those policemen didn’t expect it to happen either. Please stop the bashing. Not one or two tainted policemen can define the entire police department.

Certainly we all can learn from this mistake. I  hope this nightmare served as a wakening jolt to the sleeping leaders of the Police and Military force of our country.