>He was my President from day 1. He didn’t win but he was man enough to get it all together, go out in public and congratulates, Aquino then concedes. I like that he was not a sour loser. I like that he still vowed to help the government in other ways rather than cooking something that could bring the upcoming governance down.

He was the first candidate to concede. Even after spending 5M Pesos for his campaign. Even after dodging the black propaganda that was hurled to him from the day he declared he was running for President. He kept his silence a week before election maybe because his family was getting too much blows and he couldn’t see them hurt anymore. What good is it to win when your own family’s suffering?
Don’t you just love him even more?

My hopes are still high that Sen. Villar will become once again the Senate President. He is more capable than old man, Enrile. I am even surprised that fellow Filipinos voted for Enrile. But I was more than surprised that Revilla, Recto and Soto won. What did Revilla do in the Senate (except for earning Millions)? He even had the guts to do movies while serving the people. Sigh.

I hope Miriam Defensor will keep them on their toes and actually work.

Anyway, this morning I woke up with a new President and was heartbroken the entire day. But as I finally end this day, I feel hope. I have hope.