Honestly, I’m too wrapped up with the Presidential Elections that I forgot I need to think of who to vote on a local level. I then realize I don’t know any of the politicians who are running except for our incumbent Mayor who’s running again. My Mother-in-law declared she’s not going to vote for anyone on our district for the same reason, she has no idea who to vote for. Which makes sense to me actually, why would I vote for someone just for the sake of voting when I don’t know who he is and his platform or his advocacy. Chances are, I’m voting for a corrupt politician.

On this note, I hope the electoral candidates of Pasig City would reach out more at Ortigas Center so we would know them. Also, here’s a link on LOCAL BALLOT TEMPLATES FOR LOCAL POSITIONS and here’s for my district 

Do you know any of these candidates?

I hope this helps you!