I am definitely a Mayo person. I don’t even like tomato based sauces, I always prefer White sauce over Red sauce on pasta. My husband on the other hand is a Ketchup person (tomato ketchup to be exact). He prefers red sauce over white on his pasta (that’s why I make 2 sauces when it’s pasta day on our home).

I use mayo on almost everything I eat (hmmm…maybe that’s why I don’t loose weight!).  I dip dried fish on mayo, I dip Chippy and other salty junk food on mayo (and not to mention all those yummy dips are mayo based!). I don’t like my hotdog sandwich if it has ketchup on it. I even eat fries with mayo not ketchup.

Also I have mayonnaise brand preferences- I super love Lady’s choice mayo, Heinz and American Mayo. The rest of the brands I find too sour, too sweet or too bland.

So which are you?