>It’s 1:02A.M and so far P’s been sleeping soundly from 11ish.
I finished our laundry, washed the dishes, cleaned and refilled P’s bottles, cleaned the house, and cleaned the bathroom. And now, here I am finally on my ME time. This could have been better if I am eating ice cream never mind that the A/C is on full blast. I can always wear a sweater or something. Anyways, this is just one of the things I’ve learned… Be content of what you have. Never think of what might have been, what should have been and what had been. This is now. My now.

Remember about my last post, when I said I could be something entirely different than the day or night before? Well, I was a bit cranky early this day but look at me now, I’ve finished a whole lot of workload and I’m still up and about.

On my next ME time I might repaint my toenails red or blue (those are just the two colors left on my nail polish). My french tip is starting to look like poorlaloo tip. And I couldn’t afford another trip to a nail salon or something. Maybe next time.

I’m starving. But I’m watching my weight so I’d rather sleep hungry than wake up a lot heavier.
Speaking of which…Tom’s P’s check up and Measles Vacc shot sooooo meaning I would be able to weigh myself again! I hope I weighed less or just the same than the last time…

Lastly I’d like to rave about how AOL rocks! T’s working on a night shift and YM’s blocked on their office net so we totally use AOL’a AIM. We chat all through the night. We’re able to discuss things and plan for the next day since when he’s home, he’s pretty much asleep. Or if he’s not, he’s either too sleepy, too hungry, too late for work! lol. So thank GOD for AOL!
Try it. AOL.com

have fun!