One of my goals this year is to be graceful, patient and open.  I find myself asking one question every night before I retire my sometimes over worked brain, “What’s the meanest thing I said today?”. Surprisingly though, after several nights of asking the same question, I’ve come to a point that I didn’t have any mean thing to say!

Today though is different.


I couldn’t help myself when I read a piece about the new Pope in one of my Social networks and I said, “Why do they care? They’re not even Catholics”.

With the newly elected Pope, as a Catholic I am hopeful and happy for the changes that’s about to happen in my Church. I do accept that there will always be people who would bash and trash my religion or things that I truly believe in but as human

One thing I could not take with some people is they bash every aspect of Catholicism yet ride on the “good” things about it. Pretending or claiming they’re “hopeful” and “interested” in the new Pope. I mean, why would you even care when all you do is bash the Church and believe it’s one huge lie?

Sigh, all my positive thinking and positive practice gone in a day.