It has been a childhood dream to become a Medical Doctor- a surgeon perhaps. But circumstances didn’t permit it and the closest to being one is to become a Medical Assistant. Did you know that the US government stated that MA’s job opportunities are hiking up because of an increasing demand? To get an edge with the equally increasing numbers of Medical Assistants, it is best to equip ourselves with a formal education.

If you are like me who’s tied up inside your home, worry not because there are online Medical Assistant Schools available. Of course we should choose the one that is credible and at the same time affordable. Times are tough and we don’t want to invest on something’s not worth our penny. So, I looked around and I found that St. Augustine School of Medical Assistant is by far one of the most qualified online schools in my criteria. They offer ‘anytime e-learning’ which means we can take the program at our own pace. The program also offers great terms of payment for the tuition so it won’t be so hard for us. And the best thing about this school is that they make their legal information available for us to view (at least we feel safe that they are licensed and accredited).

I think this is a great opportunity specially for someone like me having a background on two medical alliance courses a Medical Assistant certification would certainly boost my resume.