When I was little and knew nothing, I always looked forward to Santa’s gift for me. Every morning of December 25, I scramble out of bed and find Santa’s gift under our tree. Of course it would always be the gift I wanted. It was pretty amazing for a child.
Then, I heard stories from school that Santa isn’t real. So I asked my parents about it and they told me I shouldn’t believe everything I hear and that someday I will find out. I kept on asking questions and finally my Tatay told me that if I stopped believing then, Santa won’t give me presents anymore. Whut? No! So, I believed and I kept receiving presents from St. Nick.

The next christmas, I was on my 6th grade, I didn’t sleep the night before Santa Clauss supposed to visit our home and leave my present. When I heard noises in our living room (as early as 3y.o. I sleep on my own room), I ran and went to see St. Nick! And yeah, you guessed it right…I found who Santa really was!

Santa continued to give me gifts every christmas. Sometimes, I even coerced him to buy me a specific gift http://emo.huhiho.com

How about you how did you find out who your Santa was?