Hah week 3 passed by and I didn’t even notice it that much I guess because I was busy at work and pretty much got used to the routine. Honestly, I’m glad that Week 3 is over because it was the hardest MetaFit workout we’ve had so far. It was a pain in the butt to do (this could even be the understatement of the year). Taking Immuvit daily helped me A LOT and knowing that it helps me get pass somatopausal is a huge relief.

Somatopause is a gradual and progressive decrease in growth hormone secretion that occur normally as you age.

I wasn’t able to do more than 1 4minute workout in a day which I originally planned but I hope to finally do it this week. This week’s routine is a combination of all the routines we’ve had in the entire challenge. Day 1 (week 1 routine), Day 2 (week 2 routine), Day 3 (week 3) , Day 4 (week 1),  and so on.

To refresh you of the routines we did for the MetaFit Challenge with Coach Jim Saret:

Week 1:

– Jumping Jacks

– Squats

– Push up

– Lunges

Week 2:

– Alternating Leg raise

– Jump squat

– Alternating lunges


Week 3:

– Mountain Climbers

– Half  Burpees

– Ski Jumps


Every single week was a struggle for me and I felt that each week my determination dwindled and the good husband kinda felt it so he’s vowed to take over my food intake (hold up! I don’t eat as much!!! I swear I don’t). It’s just that so far this monster:

Thinks that I never lost anything after week 1. I know I’m not the hardest worker you’ve seen or read but all those food intake cut down and MetaFit workout ought to lessen a pound or two but NO, that little bugger of a pointer just didn’t dare budge anymore. I really think that Immuvit kept me going because of the added energy boost I got from it.

So, week 4 is here and let’s see where my discipline workout will lead me. Read about my updates on MetaFit Challenge  Week 1, and MetaFit Challenge Week 2

Let’s get this week over with and on to better health and better living! Join me with my MetaFit Challenge and arm yourself with the right supplement. Please do tell me about your exercise, challenges and diet at the comment form below.