As I write this, I am to begin on my 3rd week of the challenge. Sadly, I didn’t lose weight on week 2. I’d like to think because of the plateau phase? And I am so afraid that I’d get stuck on this phase. Admittedly though I didn’t work as hard as week 1 and as hard as I am supposed to on week 2. This is why on week 3 I am going for a harder try.

Our workout routines are more challenging this week, which by the way is what I definitely need. We are to do as many reps of: mountain climbers, half burpee and the ski jumps as we could in 4 mins. Did I say it’s challenging? It is! Especially for a person who can’t do pull ups- the traditional pull ups I mean because I can do the one where you put up your feet and use momentum to heave you. So traditional pull up. no…not when I was 10…not when I was 19 and definitely not when I’m 29…I just never could. Yes I know I sound wimpy but I’m not this wimpy ages ago 🙁 I just lost all my energy and endurance because of well, my own doing.

What I’m experiencing is called somatopause. It’s when your physical age is not on the same level as your chronological age. Like I’m 29 years old with a body of 39 years old. Sigh. I know. So do you have the same sad story? Good news is, there’s actually a way to “correct” somatopause and get the proper physical age that our bodies deserve.

First, exercise. I learned that it does not need to be an hour or more. It just need to be in the correct intensity so that your body’s metabolism can do its work. MetaFit is the perfect workout for busy folks like myself. It’s a 4-minute workout where you push yourself to the limit and do as much repetitions as you can. The target is to increase your heart rate to as high as your body can handle without you passing out.

So this is me working hard, powered by Immuvit.

Immuvit MetaFit Challenge

Second, eat right. I didn’t say starve yourself  but learn to choose what you eat. I’m starting to be good in choosing the right kind of food and the amount I take in. You would be amazed to know that at this weight (don’t ask what!), I don’t drink soda, I don’t eat junkfood, I don’t eat chocolates in a daily basis, I don’t drink juice. 

Third, discipline. I should really plaster this on my forehead so I’d follow my own advice. Ahck. Anyway, to make up for week 2 I’m setting my goals and it should be followed.

There’s really no express lane in getting fitter. I learned that- hard. I finally accepted that if I want to trim down, I have to work for it- harder. My body has endured a huge chunk of abuse over the years and it’s pay back time. Good thing, there’s Immuvit that helps me get through the challenge. Have you heard of it? Read more about Immuvit here.