>When I first got my Samsung GT-S5233W, I was literally running around the Internet looking for nice applications. Read my post about it here. 

Here are the things I was looking and what I got:

1. Ebook reader — Foliant – this app can read .pdf, .txt ebooks! and it has a very nice interface too. 

2. What’s the best social media app? I’m still using Snaptu but it’s faster now and yes it’s because of my wifi connection. I changed the wifi set up at home and now I’m happy with Snaptu. I have Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo mail and news feeds all in one place. 

I use Opera mini for my plurk account and other web browsing if needed.

All of these apps I got from getjar.com which my dear husband taught me about. 

It’s pretty cool. 

Plus I joined Samsung TouchPhones UFBT Org which also provides me with great information about my phone.