>Last Sunday night, we had our grocery shopping at Robinson’s Supermarket. I bought this precut veggies with noodles and plans to use it the next day. As many of you probably do, you check all your perishable goods for molds, dirt and what nots and that’s what I exactly did.

The next day, I took the precut veggies frommy fridge and was so shocked to see molds.

I immediately went to the Supermarket and asked for an exchange. Once there, the manager called the person in charge on the fresh cut section and asked for an explanation. The sales guy told us he didn’t put this kind of veggies on display last Sunday. The nerve. I have with me our grocery receipt and showed them I did buy this Sunday night and pointed out it’s not even 24 hours since I bought it. With resignation, I was allowed to exchange the veggies with a fresher set.

I was just annoyed that they had to give me a hard time exchanging a good that was clearly not to be sold with it’s sorry state.