Prices are going up and as a Mom who works around a very limited budget, I looked for ways to expand our options. I have joined Multiply’s Marketplace over a year ago and since then started selling unbranded diapers and other household products; I called my store For The Mom simply because it’s for all Moms!

When I heard about the upgrades that Multiply has set for their patrons, I couldn’t help but feel impressed by the innovations that the company made. It is truly a huge help for small time (most of all to big time) entrepreneur like myself. My day job deals with e-commerce sites in the US and shopping cart software are not new to me what’s new is having one fore FREE in the Philippines. So what are the new marketplace upgrade at Multiply?

1. Inventory system- You will be able to monitor your products’ stock status and easily re-order them on your supplier.

2. Check out process- Improved check out process using Multiply’s secured payment system. The old payment scheme are still available but for convenience and safety, the new feature is definitely recommended. There’s a 3.5% transaction fee on the total sale made that the shop owner needs to pay Multiply. This covers bank fees, service fee, etc.

3. Daily Visitor Statistics- Believe it or not, it helps to know how many visited you and how many from those visitors bought from your store.

4. Shipping Profiles- You can create different shipping profiles on each of your products. Shipping options are Xend, International mail delivery, meet-ups, pick ups, etc.

5. Promotions- They offer Multiply promote wherein they will help you create, optimize and promote ads to increase your store’s visibility. There’s also Multiply Trust wherein for a certain amount you can be a trusted seller, merchant or business. This will increase the shopper’s buying confidence on your store plus you are eligible for a Multiply buyer protection program.

I’m sure Multiply’s FAQ page will explain these things better than I did.

So after knowing all these cool stuff, I ran to my store and started with the migration from the old to the new software. I found out that it could be tricky for some stores who has several products and photos because you will manually upgrade each product to the new inventory system. It’s tedious but I’m getting there. Have a look at my store that’s partially migrated.

But here are two Multiply stores I love- 1StopBiz  for Peaches’ clothes and accessories (and they have apparels for my size-don’t ask!) and Aezessories  for not so common shoes and I like that they have my shoe size (don’t ask again!). They both have different payment options but on top of their list is :

How nice, yes? It’s also very convenient and safe (both for seller and buyer). I truly applaud Multiply for bringing these innovations to the Philippines. It will help in encouraging Moms like me to overcome limited budget and have the chance to actually do something about it.

Here are the insider’s photos from the launching of Multiply’s newest innovation:

Bloggers and media personnel gathered in an intimate function room to witness the unveiling of Multiply’s Shopping cart software and hailed as the Philippines’ largest digital mall.


Multiply’s General Manager Jack Madrid said, ” The earlier sellers took advantage of Multiply albums to sell their wares. We began to listen and decided to reinvent ourselves”.