My Mommyhood story is different than yours I’m pretty sure but that also¬†tells me that even though we’re different, we Mommies are the same. We have the same challenges and struggles; only¬†they take different forms.

Some Mommies are stay-at-home Moms, some are working Moms and some are Work-at-home Moms. We face different routines everyday but we do have routines. Routines that we break from time to time or most of the time.

I am blessed to have given birth to two adorable little girls. They have a 7 year gap between them and it is a struggle and a bliss all at the same time. I don’t think though, that I can bear one more child. I’m 32 this year and though for some that’s young, I don’t think my body responds well plus I would need 3 years before I can give birth and that would make me 35-36. No, thank you.


Mommyhood for me is the biggest challenge that I have faced in my lifetime. It made me feel the happiest, the scariest, the angriest and the craziest I have ever been. I wish I’m like most celebrity Moms I see online or in the news with the most perfect hair, most well done make up, trendiest clothes and fittest body. I really wish. But truth is I’m not.


I have the oldest clothes in my entire family because I’d rather buy stuff for the girls and my husband than shop for myself. Not that I don’t want it… I just couldn’t justify that I NEED it. For me, it’s always… the kids need it the most.

Real Mommyhood is also taking the time while doing grocery shopping. Not to escape from a clingy child (I don’t usually bring Luzy with us when we do grocery), but to read the labels. I don’t want to feed my children with preservatives, additives and colorings.

Real Mommyhood is keeping your control even when your child is out of control. Even well behaved kids can get out of control given a very undesirable situation. Children who scream and cry in public aren’t misbehaving but they are simply communicating their stress, frustration, and other feelings that they couldn’t verbalize.

Real Mommyhood is asking and accepting help. With two kids, a household to run, a business to run and a life to live, it gets crazy. Any form of help you can afford or get, take it. Don’t make it complicated.


I have given up household chores and cooking a long time ago. I decided to accept my husbands suggestion to hire a house help. It has given a lot of time to spare for my kids, my business and other stuff. I learned to delegate.

Real Mommyhood is being silly and fun. I love it when my girls laugh and are silly but I love it the most when I am being silly with them.

Real Mommyhood is knowing how to sacrifice. The luxury of taking a long shower is just that…a luxury. My little one has to come with Mommy when Mommy needs to pee, or brush her teeth or wash hands. And then there are the big sacrifices you make for the kids, their vaccine shots, that after school course, and a lot of this and that.

Even if being a mother is my greatest challenge, it’s also my most blessed gift.


Imagine being entrusted to nurture and grow two beautiful souls that I hope and pray grow up to be goddesses.