Name: Myra Michelle Nunez-Tiquio

Nickname: Em
Name of Business: M + K = A
Short Bio:
M + K = A is a slice of heaven in a hairpiece specially made for little girls. We offer ribbon sculptures, Disney inspired princesses using only high quality grosgrain ribbons and felt, dainty hairpieces and we also accept made to order requests.

1. What kept you busy before you became a Mompreneur? I was a Senior Analyst in ProJect Management from a Multinational Company before I became a Fulltime mom.

2. What made you decide to become a Mompreneur and start your own business?
What made me decide to become a Mompreneur is because I wanted to contribute to our household income without having to go back to the Corporate world. I get what to do what I love while earning from it.

3.Tell us about your business, what is about?
My business is about handmade hairpieces and custom made felt designs.

4.How did you start your business?
I first started with cartoon characters made up of felt attached to a clip. My daughter never liked wearing ribbons but I had to convince her of wearing one because she has always been mistaken as a boy. By making her her then favorite cartoon characters – Oggy and the Cockroaches (which aren’t offered in any mall – may it be here or in the US), I was able to convince her that wearing ribbons could be “fun”. When I posted it on Facebook (thanks to the power of Social media), a friend of a friend of inquired and asked if I can customize designs. By word of mouth, my business bloomed from one client (my daughter) to a hundred plus.

5. How do you promote your business and how do you find your target market?
Most of the promotions of my business is done online (Facebook, Instagram, Sponsored blogs) and through word of mouth.

6. What challenges do you have in your business?
I am first a mom, then a wife before a Mompreneur. I have no helper and yes, I am a one man team. From answering inquiries to ordering the materials to drafting the design to making the ribbons and taking photos for posting. But here’s the catch, I can only do all that when my daughter is taking a nap or still at school, studying. When she gets home, crafting takes a back seat as I have to prepare our meals, do the laundry and wash the dishes, haha! By the time I am done being a housewife, I get to be a Ribbon wizard at night.

7. What are you the most proud of in terms of your business?
There is really nothing like putting a smile on someone’s face. Whenever I receive messages from clients saying how happy their daughters are upon seeing their sculptured ribbons or favorite cartoon characters on felt, my heart is filled with joy 🙂

8. What are your future plans for your business?
Hopefully, next year, we could join a bazaar and get the chance to meet my clients. A collaboration with a brand sounds great, too!

9. How do you manage your time between your business and your family?
Family always comes first. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for K and A. I mostly answer inquiries during the day (thank you to whoever invented Smart phones!) and work on orders at night.

10. What advice can you give to fellow Moms who are thinking of becoming a Mompreneur?
No matter what kind of business you decide to start, it is important that you’re pursuing it because it’s fulfilling and you’re passionate about it.

My contact details are as follows:
IG: MplusKequalsA
Mobile number: 0917.804.5099