Sorry for the super late Monday Poll. I can’t get over the latest tragedy in Japan over the weekend. A friend’s inlaw was in Japan and for days they could not get hold of her and it was really adding pressure on them and it really bothered me. But good news is, yesterday they were finally able to contact the inlaw and she’s okay!

Speaking of in-laws, last Monday’s poll was about getting along with the inlaw. And this was the result:

  • No, not at all.
  • With my mother in law, yes
  • With my father in law, yes
  • Wonderfully with both
  • OTHER, will tell you about it on the comments

I’m actually surprised that 54% get along well with both in-laws. It was higher than I expected but that’s another good news, isn’t it?

This week, I’m doing a poll on books because I tend to forget the novels that I’ve read ages ago and would love to re-read it again (I never actually did but I intend to). I’d love to re-read. What stops me is the nagging feeling that I’d be losing time re-reading them while there are plenty of books I have yet to read for the first time.

So what’s your answer?