It’s true. I’ve proven it countless times with my Mom. I remember when we eat on restaurants, I would have what Mom was having because I know it’ll be good. And aside from the fact that, most of what Mom eats, I eat. Most of what she doesn’t eat, I do not eat as well.

No, I am far from being a Mama’s girl. In fact, I was closer to my Tatay than her. But there’s always something about Mommies that you can’t help but trust. It maybe because you tire of thinking too much (of course I mean more than thinking what to order 🙂 ), or you simply don’t know what to do anymore. For me, it’s mostly because I do not think the right way, my Mommy sense’s it (in a creepy way) and she talks to me “normally” but subtly saying what I should do. You know, when Moms talk to us not knowing (or they do know) that they’re actually helping us solve a problem or a dilemma? I hope you know what I’m blabbing about.

Anyway, I hope I can be all this to my Peaches when she grows up. 🙂