Do you agree? I definitely do.

Just last night, Troy and I were cruising  EDSA Magallanes flyover en route to Sofitel and there was a motorcycle in front of us, I think they’re husband and wife riding in tandem. A crosswind cut us short so it was between us and the motorcycle, a few minutes after,  the motorcycle lost balance and slipped as he was switching lanes. The couple riding  fell to their left which is where we and the Crosswind were. Fortunately, the crosswind was able to step on his break and didn’t run over the couple. It was really close. It could have been a freakish accident.

The couple looked dazed and prolly shaken from the accident but they were able to stand. I shudder on the thought of what could have happen if the Crosswind was running a speed higher.

The sad part about this incident is cars would be perceived at fault when a motorcycle collides with it. Truthfully, I think motorcycles should not even be allowed in EDSA. They’re rude, always in a hurry, appears out of nowhere (they expect you to see them from behind!), and just a disaster waiting to happen (though technically speaking it is happening already).

Is EDSA built for motorcycles? Or more like, Is EDSA built for motorcycles competing with cars, trucks and buses?