If you’re a culinary arts  student and you have huge dreams to make it big in the world of haute cuisine and hot stove, this is your chance to pave the way to reaching your dreams.

Moulinex and their partners are looking for the best student, best coach and school that will WOW them through their YOU COOK 2 contest. Here’s how to join:

Contestants must be atleast eighteen (18) years of age and currently enrolled in a culinary or HRM school in Metro Manila.

You Cook Video Recipe Challenge is a culinary competition where entries are submitted in video clips showing the ingredients and procedure through a cooking demo using Moulinex products. No purchase necessary to join the contest because Moulinex is willing to lend you Moulinex products that you may use on your video clip. Must be an original recipe based on the theme Filipino and International Fusion Cuisine.

Your recipe should be:

– Feature original Filipino and International Fusion Cuisine
– Must be prepared using any of Moulinex Appliances (Moulinex will lend appliances to the school)
– Must include standard measurements, complete  preparation instructions, cooking time and temperatures and number of servings

Your video submission should be:

– Video should only be a maximum of ten (10) minutes
– Students must state their name, address and the current school they are enrolled
– Must give the recipe name and a brief description of the recipe, state the reason why it is chosen. Enumerate and discuss all the ingredients that will be used in the video
– Must clearly show the preparation procedure
– Must use atleast ONE (1) Moulinex product in making his/her recipe.

The honorable judges are:

Chef Bruce Lim, Chef Nino Laus, Nina Daza-Puyat, Rory Subida, Laurent Casteret

Criteria for judging:


Schedule of Activities:


  •  Invitation to Schools – Sept 12, 2011
  •  Formal Launch – October 1, 2011 (Saturday)
  • Deadline of Entries for – November 10, 2011 (6:00pm)
  • Qualifying Round – Nov 11, 2011
  • Semi-Finals – Nov 18, 2011
  • Grand Finals – Dec 3, 2011

List of Prizes (for the student, the coach and the school)




To know more about the Moulinex You Cook 2 Video Contest visit their official webpage here

All of the needed requirements and contest forms are also downloadable from their website so please be guided.

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