Soon after the cruise we are moving out of Maceda
and will say hello to Ortigas
So, we are (well me) trying to sell some of our items from our old home.
Things like:
spoon and forks
serving plates
beer mugs (the ones from San Miguel)
ice cream glasses
extra foams
table (small, narra)
glassware cabinets (not narra)
hamster cages
glass ash tray(the ones used by chain smokers- it’s that big)
shot glasses

All this in an attempt to be clutter free on our new home.
I don’t know how to dispose of all these things
Some of them are my Mom’s but I need to sell it.
So bad.

On May 3, my besfriend organized a garage sale for me
somewhere in Cubao. I hope it pushes through and
I PRAY people will actually buy!