Last night, my friend Kat and I were able to watch Eclipse. Thanks to my FIL’s freebie ticket from GO Mastercard! And just before I start the review let me just state that I am a Twilight book fan and my least favorite book was Eclipse.

Eclipse the movie is way better than Twilight and New Moon technically speaking. Here are the things I liked about Eclipse:

1. The scenes are few steps higher than the previous two movies.

2. The make up of the cold ones are more subtle and almost looks natural–almost.

3. The Victoria character is close to what the book describes. Much better than the previous Victoria.

4. Jacob is love! His acting is impeccable and the abs? weeetweeew!

5. Cute and funny lines! I love: “Super! I’m so happy!” – Charlie
“Dad, I’m a virgin” – Bella   “Doesn’t he own a shirt?”- Edward  “Face it, I’m hotter than you!” -Jacob

5. Uhmm okay I’m having a hard time thinking of more positive things.

So I’d go straight to the things I didn’t like:

1. The fight scenes could have been better. I expected more but the fight with the new borns was so-so.

2. Some scenes could kill you with boredom.

3. There were plenty of nice quotes/lines from the book that could have done the movie good.

4. The ending was a shame. I was hoping they’d show sneak peek of the future…not some boring talk between Bella and Edward.

5. Rosalie should be prettier.

In totality I was not blown away by the movie. I was expecting more but I welcome the changes that was made from the previous movies. Eclipse by far is the most well directed and well written movie from the saga. If you’re not a Twilight series fan or reader, don’t bother watching it.

But because I’m a Twilight series fan, I’m still happy I watched it and is still looking forward for the Breaking Dawn movie 😉