>You remember I was invited to a film festival event by adobo@night? Well it was a great experience! The venue was a bit unusual for screenplays but it doesn’t matter because the short films and the main film that were featured were awesome!

They showed several TV commercials which made me reminisce the past since most of them were released way back like the McDo commercial, Karen. 3 short films were also shown titled: Bonsai, Musa and Tatang. All were outstanding but I like Bonsai the most. My fondness for Indie films really heightened after the film show. And my respect to the Indie film directors are absolute. These are really great pieces that should be showcased to the International scene.

Like the main film, Himpapawid by Raymond Red, which will have screening on Barcelona Asian Film Festival and Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. The film was based on the hijacking event that happened in 2000 by a deranged man. What I truly love about the film is how it carefully showed the reasons that drove the man to hijack an airplane and what happened afterwards. The film loudly present that misery and hunger can drive any person to do bad things. Opportunity lacks to those who need it the most and thus any hope is lost and the person becomes desperate.

Humor and Filipino authenticity were perfectly injected and incorporated into the film. I like how every scene is important and not one shot is irrelevant. This is what I love about Indie films, they shoot what is needed and present a perfect storyline.

Applause to the great people behind Raymond Red and Himpapawid (Manila Skies).
Applause to adobo maganize for hosting the event.

Thumbs up!