So tiresome! So expensive! So energy draining!

But exciting and gives you hope for a fresh start.

For months, we have been anticipating our move to our new home and our girls couldn’t stop pestering us with excited questions, especially our eldest girl. The move was a HUGE step for us as a family. We needed to adjust, save and brace ourselves for more unexpected expenses to come.

We are first time homeowners so everything’s like a giant rock placed on our lap. But as my MIL always say, “Lakasan lang nang loob yan”. Indeed.


So here we are, nearing the completion of our new home and the stress intensifies. Husband and I have debated and argued more than before because of the adjustments and mostly because of the differences in opinion of what to put and where to put what. Good thing is, we come into terms and learned to accept each other’s point of view and then after a few thoughts realize who’s the better idea.

Owning a Home Isn’t a Walk in the Park 

We have been travelling from our old home to the new one almost every other day for weeks now because of some issues we raised with the developer and the Engineer. Today, they finally admitted that they were having problems with the assigned contractor to our unit a day before their turn over deadline to think that they have extended the deadline twice. 

But what can we do when the house is still a mess? We can only put pressure on the person heading the project but otherwise, there’s not much we can do. Hey, just a little bit more and I will file a formal complaint. 

Classes are about to start for my eldest and we cannot afford to drive her to the new school and pick her up after. We have a business to take care too. Unless they will pay for the gas, I guess. 

Become Instant Interior Designer or  Not

In our case, my husband has the “eye” for aesthetics more than me. I’m more of the practical applications versus the color coding and all that creative streaks. I rely on his ideas more and I just agree on the colors if it’s what I like or not. Other than that, it’s his forte. I’m like, give me a double bowl sink instead of a single bowl because it’s more functional and practical. Give me a bigger fridge because I want to store more food because the market’s far and I need to stock more than we used to. Give me a ceiling fan because I don’t want to worry after Luzy hurting her fingers now that the house is bigger, I might not be able to watch her like I used to. And so on.

Did I Say It’s Expensive?

Aside from the fact that you bought a new house, the necessities to run the house is also expensive. There’s the cash out fees for water application, landline application and cable installations. I just had the shock of my life last week when I applied for our water connection. I paid six freakin’ thousand five hundred pesos for the installation and what not. I was not informed.

The cable installation is like P4000 plus because our area only has satellite installations.

Landline and internet is P2,000 +++ as well.

Oh let’s not discuss about buying new furnishings too.

Over all, it’s an exciting journey for us because we’ve learned to deal with new things, learn new tricks and able to fight for our rights as home buyers.

I just pray that we will be able to afford the next chapters! Wish us luck!