After long years of hiatus, Troy and I are back to our beloved MMORPG (multi media online role playing game), MU Philippines.

I dug up my old blog posts about MU and here they are:

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Officially but in a haste (but not so)

Fallen Knightress Part 2

A few weeks back, an old MU friend poked me slightly introduced the newly revamped MU Philippines. I thought I was over it and that I out grew it but NO, there was still the excitement.

I hurriedly downloaded the game client and installed it. Without much ado, I created another character but of the same class as before, a Dark Knight.

Troy’s back in the game too. The difference I guess is that we’re here for fun and nothing serious. We don’t want to be pressured into playing and gaining more xp and prime items the way we used to. We enjoy playing the game the way we first started playing it where only few of us were online (this was during the Beta days of MU).

As Goblin’s (in game merchant) welcome gift to me, I was able to combine a satan wing!

Not bad…not bad, at all! 🙂

If there’s anyone reading this and you’re in MU, don’t hesitate to add me up! I’m on Agartha –   AneeR  is the name!

Now, how to make my computer faster so I can play and level up well 🙂