You read my title right, it’s a DID.

If you’re anything like myself, your parents must have enrolled you to at least one music class. I was given a private piano tutor when I was in Elementary. I remember my Mom buying me an organ so we can carry it around and play on Masses.  I knew piano was not for me because I didn’t like reading the keys and the notes. I guess you can say I am not musically inclined.


I love to listen to songs I like. I even love listening in peace with my classic akg k240. I could be a song writer but I guess not a musician.

Looking, I understand why I had to go through piano lessons, guitar lessons and so on. I had to experience them to know that it’s not for me and I don’t enjoy any of it. Now that I’m a parent, I guess we have to go through this road again and see if the little girl likes any of them musical instruments. 🙂