>My Christmas is getting too Expensive


Well for one, our daughter’s birthday is a day after Christmas and we’ve spent a good deal on it. I have yet to buy us (hubbie, peaches and me) our christmas outfits. I have yet to buy myself and hubbie our outfit for Peaches’ birthday. I have yet to buy presents. 
That’s so much I have yet to buy  list! and I have yet to have money to buy all those. Teee hee. 

And what about those people who gave me gifts? I would want to give them something too. 
Do you think we are expected to give back something? (Well of course I’m talking about those who gave you gifts but they were not on your list). I wonder if hugs, kisses and prayers would do? 🙂

Anyhoo, I hope everyone’s not as “unprepared” as me in terms of their holiday shopping! 
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  1. Lola says:

    >Renz,I read your comment and did some research, apparently the new Firefox V3.0 upgrade that was done 2 days ago is not playing nice with Blogger. It's the holidays for cryin out loud, what the heck are they doing putting out an upgrade that's not properly tested?) Until I figure out how to fix this (or they do) I have moved my Entrecard area to my post section. I've checked it by viewing my blog in Internet Explorer and it does appear in the 12/20/08 post. Thanks for letting me know, I could have gone weeks without knowing.Regarding Christmas, I have maybe 1% of my gifts wrapped. As far as having gifts on hand just in case someone pops over unexpectedly with gifts, I did purchase 1 gift for a co-worker who popped over last year with gifts for my kids and I felt badly because I didn't have anything for her or her son. Now that I'm prepared, she probably won't show up.Hope you have a great holiday. Thanks again!

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