>was Lawn Tennis. I eat, breathe tennis–heck, I live right across a tennis court. So I practically spent my entire childhood years in a tennis court with my parents, my coach and my friends. I gained so many friends through tennis and the tournaments and opens I joined.

I remember when I first cried my tears of defeat and wallowed with pride on my first win. All of my trophies were collected by my school. It didn’t matter much because I am proud to represent my school.

I have so many memories with my tennis “career” that could last me a lifetime. 🙂
Did you know that I missed my JS prom because I was on another town playing. And on my senior prom, I wore this super mini dress that showed perfect tan…except that my feet up to my ankle were not. (yikes!)

My Tatay’s a tennis buff as well. He’s a great tennis player and he took the game seriously. He would record tennis matches and we would watch it a thousand times together often pausing and rewinding as he explains it to me. Andre Agassi was my male idol and Monica Seles was my female idol and yes like a crazy fan, my bedroom wall was full of Agassi and Seles posters!

My first tennis racket was a Head and then Wilson forever 🙂 I remember I use to sleep with my Wilson racket beside me especially when I have a game the next day. I was enjoying the game and was good at it. I can easily beat male opponent on single or double matches 🙂 

But it has been 6 years since I last step foot on any tennis court and I miss the feeling. I miss the cheer I hear from the crowd. I miss seeing my Tatay’s reassuring nod everytime I compete. I miss singing “Stand By Me” in my head while waiting for the opponent to serve. I miss a lot of things from the past but the memories are enough to make me smile 🙂 

How about you what’s your sports?