Sounds corny eh? But I’m not even talking about a person here. I’m talking about TENNIS-that’s my first love. Since I was 3 years old, my father would tag me along on his tennis matches. I learned to hold the racket at the same age and since then I became a tennis court baby. I never had formal lessons until I was six though. My father got me a personal trainer and every summer I would spend each day on the court hence my errr tanned complexion. I joined milo’s best and won a few times but winning at that time and at that age means nothing when all I want was to play the game. Until I began competing for the big leagues, I experienced the pain of losing and the joy of winning. At the end of every match, our dinner is always filled with what went wrong and what went great. My mom eventually learned to play tennis with us (she didn’t have a choice when she had to tag along every time) but she didn’t quite get the hang of it. At a later stage, I began competing underground tournaments- which mean playing with high end bets, mixed doubles, cross club tournaments and club hopping. It was so much fun, whenever I remember a certain game, I can still feel the joy and pain it brought.

On top of these, I was also a varsity from elementary to high school. I remember I didn’t have permanent seat in high school because I was always out for practice or for a ‘meet’.
Every time I win, our principal (Hello, Notre Dame!!!) gives me a little token- money, new bag, cans of tennis balls, or a pass on major exams in exchange of the medals and trophies I gave them (with these events you’re never referred to as your name, it’s the school’s name you bear, in my case it was TENNIS- NDMG-player 1)

Tennis brought so much happiness in my life. Through this game, I was able to meet different kinds of people, my eyes were opened to how others live their lives different than mine, and it offered a clear and bright future- I was offered by one of the prestigious Universities in the Philippines a scholarship provided I play for their school. My mom refused. She wanted me to quit playing pro and focus on my studies. But I have no regrets; it’s just great looking back at good times and sharing it with whoever wants to listen ?