Maybe it’s the memories that comes with the taste of an inasal barbecue that makes me want to eat it everyday. When I was little my parents would always bring me to a barbecue place. I remember eating with much gusto and leaving the place so full I can barely walk.

I also remember the time my best friend and I ate at a popular barbecue place. I asked the waiter for a spoon and fork, the waiter looked at me like I’m crazy. Bes told me it was not the way to eat chicken barbecue—I had to eat it in bare hands. I was so uncomfortable because I was about to eat with my bare hands in public!
But from that day on, I never enjoyed my chicken barbecue unless I eat it with my bare hands 🙂

My husband could not eat with his bare hands 🙂 he’s too uhmmm vain for that. So I guess he doesn’t like chicken barbecue as much as I do (oh well, more for me!)

How about you, how do you eat your chicken barbecue?