>He cooks well and feeds me well too.
He adjusts his recipes to my taste though because there are a lot of things I don’t eat. Well, mostly spices and vegetables ( I can only name a few vegetables). I can only eat food that are not soggy, not grainy, not sandy, and not spicy. Oh, I also don’t eat most of the local fishes (are they even called local fishes?) that we have. I eat tilapia (except when it’s paksiw and ginataan), GG, and dried fish occasionally but you can’t feed me those everyday, or every other day, or once a week(LOL). But I loooooveeee shrimps, dory, tuna, and others that I forgot their names.

So okay you get it. I am HARD to feed. Luckily, hubbie has a way of feeding me. He puts cheese and creams on his dishes because I absolutely love them. He asks me to watch cooking show and tell him which recipes I like. Even persuades me to cook at times and saying he’ll eat whatever comes out. But how can I? Am too afraid when the cooking oil sizzles!
See, I wear long sleeves when I cook ham and bacon or anything that needs frying!

Why am I hard to feed? I blame my Mommy. She cooks well and I never ate viands that were eaten a day before. She attended international cuisine cooking schools that’s why we ate them practically every night. We didn’t dine much because Mom could pratically cook whatever’s in the menu. Plus she criticize every dish! (“I can cook this better” or” See, we’re paying much for these but I can cook us exactly the same dish or even better Bah!”). My Tatay even learned to cook from her. And he too had his specialty. Like steaks and bulalo.

Even hubbie had to put his hands down to my Mom’s cooking.

Hmm..so it seems that I am the only one in my family who is not kitchen-friendly. Well, I don’t care as long as they feed me.lol.

Are you a good cook like them? OR a good taster(is that a word? well I use it to describe me.lol.) like me?