I’ve been a member of YFC-South Central Mindanao since high school. I was dragged along by my friends and bestfriend. It’s nothing but a game for me and the chance to meet more friends. Until, I stepped into College and God paved the way to different path for me.

When I was at FEU Morayta, I looked for a YFC and sadly there was none. I had to be invited over by YFC-UST people to join their worship and get together. One day, the YFC-UST president came to me and told me I should meet up with Shane, who was also from FEU and a fellow YFC. Good! Good! Good! That means I have someone to start YFC-FEU with plus we could have girl bonding moments too! How exciting!
When we met….Shane was a guy ( and he also thought I was a guy because of my name too…lol) not that it was a problem. Turns out it was perfect! When we walked the walk and talked the talk to gather and know fellow YFCs wasn’t an easy task. Making YFC-FEU a recognized organization was even harder. But our hardships paid off…To date, YFC-FEU is now a formed and strong organization at my old University. And the people I worked with are still my closest friends, allies, warriors. Because in the process, we bonded so much, we are each others’ prayer warriors. At times when we are weak, we know somewhere someone’s got our back. And it makes me feel so blessed to have them.

That’s just how it started. I’m not even sure if it ended because until this very moment, I could still feel the connection that God helped me weave between these people, I call my brothers and sisters in Christ. That eventhough it’s been years since we were together, I could still vividly remember the greatness they offered to me. They’ve helped me grow in so many ways. They’ve made me a better person and a disciplined Christian.

God is so good He flocked me with good people to be with. And there’s so much happiness to share with others that I couldn’t stop. I was having the grandest moments. It was indeed one of the best times of my life.

When I passed the battery exam, I had to transfer to another FEU campus at the verrryyyy farrrrr fairview, dalhia. And from there, my fire dwindled. Priorities changed and so did my co-leaders. Most of them graduated the same time I was transferred. Our YFC family was handed to younger leaders and somehow survived time. Today, I am referred to as the Senior sister but I never get to appear on get together anymore since I became too busy with my own life. And T, is never one to join organizations like this. I wish he would. I wish he could see how well I relate with others. I wish he could see how I glow with them and how I am of helped to others. But I am not one to push someone to like something that’s not their turf at all.
There were times when we were provided by chance to join Couples for Christ, and T would say we could BUT then we wouldn’t have time to attend the gatherings…BUT that’s family time gone to nothing…you get the drift?
But don’t get me wrong, I don’t take it against him. It’s not for him I guess. Anyway, partly he was right.

To end this, let me just say that people with the same faith as yours or at least the same level of faith as yours are the best protection you’ve good to avoid deviating from what you believe in. Keep them close and cultivate your faith together. Worship together. Be an army of God together. Work through life together.
Be strong. If all else fails, you have your faith and God with you.
And always always think, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? wwjd.