I am wanting a Nanny McPhee but not expecting one. I just want our nanny to be:

CLEAN. She’s dealing with a toddler who by nature will put anything inside her mouth. So I want her to show my daughter what’s clean and what’s not by setting an example.

GENTLE. I do not hit or even pinch my daughter so I won’t tolerate anyone doing it to her.

STRONG. My tot’s very courageous, determined and energetic. She needs all her strength to keep up with her.

HONEST. IF something happened to my daughter (fall, bump, scratch) I want to know about it ASAP.

CARING. I understand that this is work for her but I want her to care for my baby’s well being.

Today we had our first nanny experience. Her name’s Ate Myrna and we got her from a lady dentist that holds clinic at our condo. They provided NBI clearance and the lady dentist assured me the nanny is trustworthy. I’m taking her word for it since I’ve known the lady dentist from the church my husband and I attend Mass every Sunday. But soon I will have her X-ray(ed) for sanitary reason. Tuberculosis is rampant among Filipinos and I don’t want to take my chances.

So far she has met my expectations. Only, she spoils by daughter. When Peaches first saw her new nanny, she wasn’t even reluctant to go with the nanny. Peaches was at ease the instant they were together. They played all day, getting to know each other. (In fact, Peaches did not sleep the whole day) It was getting to know her stage for me as well. I hope tomorrow’s an even greater day for all of us!