>My paypal madness


My paypal account is screwed!
I had it way before I had this blog.
Like when I was still in colllege.
And I had it for no reason at that time
so I didn’t think much of the informations I entered.
Up until recently,
I discovered I can’t withdraw my funds from paypal
because my country is US and I can’t add
a bank account.

I can’t even close the account. >.<
That’s good money gone to waste.


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  1. Vincent Bautista says:

    >don't worry about it. Just open another paypal account in the Philippines, get it verified and then send money to your second paypal account. that's what I did. Or you can contact the Paypal Customer Support they really are helpful.

  2. Renz says:

    >I don't think I can use the things you told me guys. I tried transferring my money to my hubbies account. I still have that 0 limit thingy!hay

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