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Dear God, we pray for the quick recovery of all the sick and the dying especially those suffering from LUPUS, CANCER and OTHER ILLNESSES. And may find COURAGE in their PAIN. Amen.


To those who will be tagged, all you have to do is keep this circulating.

Even if it’s to only one person. In memory of anyone you know that has been struck down by a serious illness like Lupus or Cancer or is still living with it. A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle.

Blogs who prayed:

1.) Eida’s Closet 2.) My Precious 3.) Just Me.. Eds 4.) Milet 5.) Fun|Fierce|Fab 6.) Live the Life of ADreamer

Please Keep This Candle Going!

There will be a cure soon.
Continue to have Hope and continue to pray!

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  1. Vincent Bautista says:

    >elow! Ha! I wish. But I'm going back to 1st year nursing since they won't recognize our education system. But why? Don't they know that the Philippines is a nursing capital of the world?! Hehehe.But ok lang yun. I kind of forget what I learned and sagot naman nang government of Canada and nang province of Alberta ang aking education so I don't have to spend a penny. Well except on books, fare, and etc.

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