My SIL and I watched Twilight last night. We were so excited, we can barely sit still while movie previews were shown. When finally the lights went off, ohhsss, ahhhss and giggles burst from the audience. They too must be excited.

If you haven’t read the book, I suggest that you read it before watching. There were lines and scenes that you wouldn’t understand if you haven’t read it. In fact, there were funny lines that you wouldn’t think it was funny if you didn’t know the characters’ background. Overall, I give it a 5 out of 10 (as the highest). The cinematics weren’t as great as I expected. There were too many eye contacts too. If it wasn’t for the Edward-Bella loveteam, I wouldn’t appreaciate it much.

“You are my life now” -Edward

Gee. He was sooooo…uhmmm…yummy??? lol. No, he was not handsome all the time, there were angles that showed he wore too much lipstick. lol. And I can really tell he was having a hard time delivering his lines. (the actor, Robert P., is british so he speaks sans the accent) BUT his voice, they are so dreamy.

And then there’s Carlisle….HE was gorgeous! errr.. He wore too much foundation though. Maybe it was an attempt to make him look paler.

Kristen Stewart was a great Bella. I just wished they didn’t put much effort on her hair though because the Bella (in the book) never cared about how she looked much more comb her hair.

I was a bit disappointed with Rosalie. She was supposed to be the most beautiful and alluring female in the movie. But Victoria turned out to be much much prettier.

Emmet, was hot! (as should be)

Jasper and Alice is so cute and they’re what I expected them to be.

Esme on the other hand disappointed me. I didn’t think she was pretty compared to the other females.

The Quilette Tribes were as I pictured them to be. Perfect!
The Cullen’s house, was awesome.

The movie makes me want to watch the next series. I hope they’re making one already.
Do I need to say that this is way better than Harry Potter? For me at least.