This is one exhibit I have been meaning to go but just lack the time. It’s called Exhibition- The Myth of the Human Body. It has real human corpses that went through plastinization  (which was developed by German anatomist, Gunther von Hagens) and shows the structure and form of the human body. 

The exhibit will be untill April 15, 2011 only so hurry and visit them at NeoBabylon Building, 9 Bayani Road, AFPOVAI, Taguig City.  Tickets are P350 and Senior Citizen discounts apply. Children below 3 years old are free but personally I do not think the child will enjoy it (more like scared I guess). 

The’re open from 10:30AM to 8:30 PM. The exhibit aims to show how important our bodies are and they hope that visitors realize the value of living a healthy lifestyle. 

So, Are you going?