When I was a little girl my Tatay would call me lots of silly names. One is “Atang” because my Tatay’s “Atong”. Another is “Renata” simply because Tatay’s Renato! I remember whem MOm calls me “Renata”, I better hide! Because I am up for a good spank! When I was on my teens, Tatay started to call me “Aiko Balandra” because I look like Aiko (daw) and always sleeping on the couch after tennis practice. lol.

Anyhoo, back when I was preggo, I promised myself I would not give my baby girl any of those funny sounding nicknames.

To the present….

SUrprisa!(para sayo to dondon and star!), I found myself calling Peaches a variety of weird names:

* Peachypoop
* and recently>>> My tarsier (she loves to cuddle cuddle)

Others have pitched in as well…

*touie (yea from ratatouille)– (from her Granny)

*Snowgirl (from Daddy)

We just couldn’t help it eh? Babies are too cute to be called their regular names.

I guess it sounds more “malambing” to be called one of those funny pet names.

What’s your baby’s pet name?