>Nanny Tip 1: Treat them right


When it comes to looking for household help, we all want a Mrs. Doubtfire. I think most of us are lucky enough to have found our own version of Mrs. Doubtfire but some has nothing but horror stories to tell. I myself have a story of my own.
So I’ve decided to pool suggestions, ideas and tips on dealing with our nannies.

I grew up surrounded by help because my parents offered stay in option for all our helpers (including the ones from my parents’ businesses). I grew up close to most of them because I see that my parents treat them like family. And one of the many things I learned from my Mom is to treat helpers properly.
We eat with them, we let them watch movies with us, we go to the beach with them and their families, we celebrate Christmas with them, we give them proper salary, we give them proper insurance, etc. These are the reasons why our helpers stay long with us. There’s also few who are with my parents long before I was even born.

My parents told me to give the helpers what is due and just and leave them no reason to treat us badly in return. At that time, it didn’t make sense to me but now it does– it absolutely does.

My husband and I gained confidence on Ate M (Peaches’ nanny) because we truly saw her concern for Peaches and we feel that she loves Peaches like her own.
But there were times when I sense that Ate’s mind is somewhere else and it could be dangerous for both her and Peaches. Troy and I talked and came to conclusion that Ate might be distracted on worrying too much about her son that she left at home with Ate’s ailing sister. So we lend Ate our old cellphone so she can have immediate contact with her son (they share one cellphone). I also give her salary weekly so she can manage it well (Ate’s a single Mom).

These are just few of the things I do to make Ate feel comfortable and feel that she’s treated right. In return, she gives us peace of mind when Troy and I need to leave her and Peaches at home.

How about you do you have any tips or suggestions? Feel free to share it with us 🙂


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  1. Mel Alarilla says:

    >It's not about a nanny but a househelp. Since my wife is working in the US, househelp is a must for us since I cannot do all the household chores because of my many ailment like scoliosis as one of them. The problem with our present househelp is that she is so dishonest and very abusive. I try as much as possible to help her every way I can. She reports for work at 8 in the morning because she delivers hot pandesal to her customers (that's how I knew her). Then she goes home at 12 noon and I give her food for her entire family. She returns to work at 2 pm and goes home at around 5 pm again with food for her entire family. But the problem is she is dishonest in small things like taking some of the clothes of my youngest daughter, stealing money from my daughter's piggy bank and taking home small things without permission. When confronted, she will neither confirm nor deny the accusation. She's supposed to be a Christian even attending a Bible study so I explained to her that being abusive and dishonest are not Christian traits. She does not report for work whenever she does not feel like working and I suspect that she just washes clothes for others where she can get a higher daily pay. I cannot just replace her even if I want to since finding a suitable replacement is so hard and I don't even know if her replacement will be good. One thing good about her is she finishes her job like washing clothes and cleaning the house. I just pray for her and turned her over to the Lord since I know that God allows all things to happen for His own purpose. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Renz says:

    >@Kuya MelThese are the cons of having stay out helpers. Just shows that even how much we care and value them, there are still people who will take advantage. Maybe because they know we rely/depend on them too much we are afraid to lose them. Thanks for sharing your story kuya 😉

  3. Tetcha says:

    >In our household, we also treat our helpers right. We even give 13th month pay, and we give yearly increase, because we want them to treat us and our son well, too. But we simply can't help it if we find the not-so-trustworthy ones, the ones who's primary purpose is just to earn, without any concern for the family's well-being. Just recently, my son's yaya did something, too, that made me really furious. We'll talk about that when we bump into each other in school or in the building lobby/elevator. Have a great Monday, Renz!

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