>Agree? I would want to know why my Nanny’s space out because whatever state she’s in, it’ll definitely affect how she’ll handle my child once I have my back turned on them.

This topic’s hot in my household because of the recent event that has happened. For over a month now, Peaches and her nanny are spending few hours a day with Peaches’ friend’s house, just a building away from our home. This was perfectly fine since I am friends with the parents and I know them personally. But a couple of days ago, it was brought to my attention that the Nanny was selling silver jewelries on one of the Nannies on the friend’s condo. That may sounded fine but what went wrong was that my nanny was making the trip to Peaches’ friend’s house an excuse to sell her jewelries to a point that she brought Peaches along with her as she knocked on one of the tenant’s door and asked for their helper so she can sell her jewelries.
That tenant was alarmed and felt her privacy was intruded since most condos have tight security and would not allow anyone to just march on your door and knock.

I have nothing against my Nanny wanting to earn more but I demand to know about it and to know how, where and when she sells. She should not sell while looking after my child. She should not sell while on duty. She should ask permission when she has to go out of our house and meet someone.

I’m disappointed that I have to know all these from someone else. It makes you feel betrayed. So from then on, I made it clear to my nanny that it’s my business to know her business.