>The law allows anyone to drop off children of any age to a state-licensed hospital without fear of being arrested for child abandonment. Although it does not absolve anyone of neglect and abuse charges.

Turns out the law was broadly written resulting to increasing number of out of state kids being abandoned at state hospitals. The law also states that the abandoned child may or may not be returned to the family depending on the child’s situation. As the law was primarily directed to children in immediate danger from their parents or environment.

IMO, eventhough how gallant the initial purpose of this law, I think it was hastily done. They should have foresee that kids will be abandoned just for the sheer joy of getting rid of them.
Teens behaving badly are said to be dumped in Nebraska. Clearly this law provided an excuse for parents to have an easy way out when their kids are too much for them to handle.

This would never work on our country. Just the thought of making a law like this would start an uproar.

Here’s the complete newslink: AOL NEWS

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