>Years after my Tatay’s car has been car napped, he finally decided it’s high time to buy a new one. It’s been difficult for him to go to places especially that he’s always on call in his line of work. I wonder what car he’s buying. His last car was a red sports car by Mazda which was an eye candy for the younger ones in his neighborhood. I’m thinking of a more simpler and more appropriate car for him would be a Chevrolet Silverado  since he’s always carrying tools and equipments. Plus I feel safer when he’s on the road with a truck rather than a small car.

Do you agree when I say that acquiring a car is like having another child (or for some another wife)? It needs proper caring, tune ups, repairs, not to mention insurances, etc which of course costs a cut in your budget. Tatay reason’s out he can get more work done if he has a car which will cover the expenses plus the convenience of having a car is priceless. (oh well, hands down there).

All I want him to do is have his car checked from time to time to avoid accidents. One can never be paranoid, noh? Especially when a brake job is required. I remember my friend who’s a nurse in Texas, owns several cars which he always neglect to bring to any Dallas auto repair shop and had this horrible accident because of a brake leak or something. Things like that are preventable if only you’re careful and thorough.

Safety should always be our top priority no matter what. Agree?