Hubbie badly needs a Boot and I just missed the 50% off at Manel’s yesterday. It’s really frustrating! For sale seekers out there you might want to share your great finds. 😉
Finding the great shoes for my husband is tricky. He has specifications that should be met.
I take it is because of his deprivation of wearing great shoes when he was still a kid.
That’s why if he likes a certain shoe and it costs much, I’ll take it.
I wouldn’t want him feeling deprived anymore since he earns and deserves
to buy shoes for himself.
Buying shoes for my toddler is the same thing.
She just started walking so it’s crucial that her footware should help her balance.
I don’t buy style but I go for comfort.
As for myself, I’ve had many pairs of shoes and most of them I ended
giving away.
I kept on buying pairs that are on style that later on gets out of date.
Some of my shoes wear out easily.
Now, I learned how to buy shoes wisely.
There are some shoes that you have to pay a hefty price for comfort
but there are others that are cheap but still provides god comfort.